Dear Glory Family,

The Glory may be closed until early 2021, but we are still determined to sprinkle some festive shimmer over the coming weeks to help get us through those dark festive nights and beyond , at least to a time when we can meet again in person.

Tonight we launch THE GLORY FILM ARCHIVE! Explore our FREE online entertainment portal to all things queer – past, present and future. A stocking-filled showcase for random bits and bobs, fully formed shows, ‘zines n’ tings.

Including EVERY EPISODE of our alternative queer magazine show GLORY TV.


The GLORY FILM ARCHIVE is our Christmas present to you, our dear Glory Family, so dive in and have a gander at some glorious click-bait made by your favourite scene faces: Princess Julia, Sharon Le Grand, BoiBox, Margo Marshall, Soroya Marchelle, Mahatma Khandi, Cassandra, Adam Frost, Don One, JonBenet Blonde, Chiyo… plus Glory scene stealers Jonny Woo & John Sizzle!

COMING SOON is some long-form content from Baby Lame, Bolly Illusion, BoiBox and Fagulous et al, so watch our socials for all incoming news.

This is a WORK IN PROGRESS and we are determined to fill THE GLORY FILM ARCHIVE with as much QUEER HISTORY as we can lay our hands on so there is a record of our fierce existence and creative genius.

PLUS if you need further aural treats why not head to our Glory Spotify and wriggle about to fabulous playlists from musical spin-doctors such as Milk Shandy, Jacob Aria, DJ Molly & Liam, John Sizzle, Juniper, Mike Menace, Dance Armstrong, Jon Arnold and MANY MORE!

Lastly we owe so much love and gratitude to all our staff, performers and customers who make us who we are and got us through this hellish year.

Hugs and kisses to you all & thank you so much.


John, Jonny & Colin x