Mon 18th Apr 2022

Time: 7:00pm


The Obituary Show – Film Premiere

The London premiere of The Obituary Show, with poetry reading by CAConrad and DJ set by Jeffrey Hinton.

The Obituary Show is a performance-to-camera by Augusto Cascales, based on a script by the poet CAConrad. This satirical dark comedy tells a morbid family story of a single mother and her two dysfunctional grown-up children, Clifford and Freya Conrad.

The film is named after Clifford’s TV Show, in which he reads the obituaries from the newspapers, followed by his social commentary. Clifford is so disillusioned with humanity that he turns to the dead instead. His mother overindulges him, and Freya is not having any of it.

Driven by humour, despair, nonconformity, and a desire for justice, the film begs the question: where do we go when we have run out of hope?