Thu 30th Mar 2023

Time: 7:00pm


We have been edging you for long enough… the time has finally cum to join us again at the Glory, to celebrate the publication of our latest anthology Masturbatory Reader.

Featuring D Mortimer, Wes Knowler, Biogal, Tallulah Griffith, Jessa Mockridge, Brooke Palmieri (CAMP BOOKS), Carl Gent, Sophie Mak-Schram, Alice Butler, Nat Pyper, Alton Melvar M Dapanas, Sammy Paloma, Donna Marcus Duke, and Ryan Boultbee, with a forward by Emily Pope (Montez Press). Keep an eye out for the line up in the coming weeks!

Together, we will be exploring three main questions:

1. What power and pleasure can we access through attending to the erotics of knowledge production?

2. How are the sites, systems and tools of knowledge-making designed to reiterate violent norms (and in turn, erase deviant practices)?

3. What could the making (and unmaking) of these systems allow us to imagine?

Within these texts we can find solidarity, care, love-making, but also rage, erasure, pain, and contradiction. Sexiness is complicated, and masturbation is hard. Deep. Pulsating. These are not texts that occupy a singular voice but rather fill a room with their difference, creating this orgy that we’ve called an anthology. With this collection of work, we make a contribution to the lesser-discussed field of erotics from a position that both protects and complicates what we mean when we say ‘pleasure.’ We smear our wankstain all over these pages, with those other book-fuckers, making tangible the genealogies of erotic-thought which have traditionally been structurally suppressed.

The night will be hosted by the pornographic Donna The First. Expect silly shenanigans, and publications, prints and other delicious things will be available to buy on the night.

The Glory is an LGBTQI+ space. We have a zero tolerance policy towards homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, racism or any form of abuse. If you do not respect our space you will be asked to leave. Strictly no hen or stag parties.