Sun 16th Apr 2023

Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Queer Art Club – Tee Design and Painting 

@queerartclublondon Facilitated by @jennyboatdraws 

This is a workshop will involve you in designing and painting your own tee. Taking inspiration from protest banners, queer culture and your own unique loves and interests. We will learn about how to use and apply fabric paint, there will also be sewing materials for you to adapt and and tailor your tee’s.

This is for people of all abilities and is a space where you can freely explore your creativity and have some fun 🙂

All materials and t-shirts provided.

REMINDER: This is a QUEER event in a QUEER venue. Racist, homophobic and transphobic abuse of performers, patrons or staff will NOT be tolerated.