Sun 27th Mar 2022

Time: 7:00pm


If you lived in Turkey in the ‘90s, you know what a crazy period it was. The golden age of pop, the era of sexual liberation and the queer innuendo that no one could confess.

This is the time that we, the Harem of No One, the only Turkish, Kurdish and middle-eastern performer community of London, want to take you to !


La Primadonna Cazeleon

The singer sisters Darlink Dick and Tahini Molasses

Sissy Sis

Shekerpâré a.k.a. Beste Köseoğlu


Toby Kind will be once again behind the decks, playing only the best and the most memorized songs of the infamous decade ! We will create the most colorful event we ever did with many surprises but it also falls on you to bring your best ‘90s look !

“Harem of No One is a queer collective of performers of Turkish, Kurdish and Middle-Eastern heritages but absolutely anyone is welcome and encouraged to join and have fun with us.”