Thu 13th Oct 2022

Time: 7:00pm


As recommended by TimeOut London… The Enby HORROR Show

The Enby Show brings together the best gender-benders and cis-tem offenders that the UK has to offer, in an all-star variety night popping with creme-de-la-thems. AND WE ARE ABOUT TO GET SPOOOOooo0o0o0oooOooKYYY!

We’ve scoured the endless ether and searched in the darkest shadows to bring you horrors beyond your imagination, in the form of:

  • Bringing Us some horror-tastic lipsync that will be more than a-Peele-ing… it’s the gorgeous Shardeazy Afrodeziak!
  • They’ve been scarer-in-residence at iconic horror night PopHorror, and their barbarian battle-cry strikes fear into the hearts of (cis) men… it’s Oedipussi Rex!
  • He says he’s come here from the 1940s… maybe he time travelled, maybe he’s an alien who came down and stole someone’s identity, I reckon he’s a vampire… it’s Beau Jangles!
  • They might taste nice, but be careful because this cake BITES BACK… it’s Cake Boi!

And of course your host-in-residence Carrot will be your ghoul guide through all things supernatural, taking you into the darkest depths that genderless beings can delve…


The Glory is a queer venue run by queer people, for queer people and their allies. We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny and discrimination of any kind. Be respectful or you will be asked to leave. Strictly no office, hen or stag parties allowed.