Thu 31st Aug 2023

Time: 7:30pm


The Enby Show presents…

The Enby ShowCASE!

The Enby Show brings together the best gender-defiant cabaret connoisseurs the UK has to offer, creating cis-tem offending variety nights popping with creme-de-la-thems. Recently, we were lucky enough to receive funding meaning we were able to offer paid newcomer spots. We were inundated with incredible talent, so we decided to dedicate a whole show to beautiful fresh non-binary performers! The atmosphere will be fun, supportive and jam-packed with queer joy and enby excellence.

Our newcomers will be:

  • George The Dragon : The they who slays, George the Dragon is a nonbinary, pansexual and disabled drag artist here to serve their lip-syncing, cock-wielding, spoken word drag act to the hoards. If they can make it up the steps to the stage, that is…
  • Ewanicorn : Ewanicorn is a gaffer tape-obsessed alien octopus from an intergalactic hardware shop. They use their tentacles to penetrate your brain and inject it with sci-fi punk goodness, leaving you wanting to join them in sticky silver wonder.
  • Posey : Posey Mehta is an “endlessly creative and subversive” (FringeBiscuit) newcomer to the London alternative comedy and cabaret scene, drawing upon character comedy, clown and burlesque to “unhinged” (Ed Fringe Review) effect.  Their cult-hit comedy debut, ‘I Am Not A Gorilla,’ racked up multiple five-star reviews to become the 22nd highest-reviewed comedy show of 2022s Edinburgh Fringe (British Comedy Guide). She also just got a tattoo of a horse that says ‘queer’ on her leg, which is arguably more meaningful to them than any of that bullshit up above.
  • Duke Mirage : Duke Mirage is the genderfluid demon of your dreams – or your nightmares. Sexy, silly, and slightly sinister come together as one to create this creature. You’ll never know what to expect from the Duke.

Find our more about these acts by following us @TheEnbyShow and keep an eye out for posts over the coming weeks!

All acts are being paid for their spot, along with having been offered some rehearsal/workshopping time with the enbies-in-residence.

With Carrot and Flick guiding the helm as co-hosts, we’ll also have a performance from enby-in-residence Lusty Lovelace. All hosts and acts will be stepping out of their respective comfort zones or trying something new – it’s bound to be chaotic, camp, maybe a lil bit silly …and definitely not to be missed.


Please note The Glory is a queer venue run by queer people, for queer people and their allies. We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny and discrimination of any kind. Be respectful or you will be asked to leave. Strictly no office, hen or stag parties allowed.


The Glory is a very old building with pre-existing accessibility issues and while we’ve strived to make the space user friendly, there is no ‘easy’ wheelchair accessibility to all areas of the venue.


The main bar is accessible, though the toilets are up a flight of 3 stairs with a handrail. Wheelchairs cannot access the toilets however. There is a local restaurant a few doors down who have an accessible toilet that they are happy for our customers to use.


To access shows in the basement there is a narrow flight of 12 stairs with a handrail.


The main bar has plenty of seats and tables. Ticketed shows are seated unless otherwise stated.