Mon 23rd May 2022

Time: 7:30pm


Say her name! Y WYDDFA

Whats in a name? Turns out quite a lot.

Welsh loud mouths CWM RAG are celebrating a mountain sized act of self determinism; Mount Snowdon is changing her name back to Yr Wyddfa.

To celebrate her true name, your family CWM RAG will be climbing Yr Wyddfa in May to raise money for Trans Aid Cymru & Trans pride UK

Come join us for the live show where we can regale you with stories from the summit, we can show you some holiday snaps and maybe there’ll be a souvenir or two.

This is a night to celebrate all acts, big and small, where we can take power back for ourselves and decide what our future is.

Whether you’re toppling a government, forgetting about a shitty ex, or making your change in your life – CWM RAG are here to celebrate the power of choosing your own way.

CWM RAG line up –

Lasanga Sheets 

Dorothy Perkings

Pristina Nus

Baby Leeks

Oberon White 


Please note that this performance of CWM RAG will be filmed. You know, just in case you’re camera shy. Or on the run.


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