Fri 24th Jun 2022

Time: 7:00pm


Grace N Mads presents Big Night Out @ The Glory!

Join the powerhouse duo that give fish & chips, Matt Baker & Konnie Huq and Julia Fox & her tiny shorts a run for their money! Grace N Mads will lead you through a non-stop queer party of standout performances while throwing a few of their own sketches in the mix… because they’re just that generous (and whores for the stage).

Big Night Out is one big variety show featuring an all queer line up of gorgeous huns doing anything from cake sitting to poetry! We promise it really is a VARIETY night.

This months show features performances from:

Velvet Caveat 

Mary O’Connell

Spoiler Rotten

Lachlan Werner

Antonia Underwood 

AND to top it all of we have our very own famous RAFFLE!

This raffle is special because the prizes are truly groundbreaking (for example… Blade on Blueray, handmade t-shirts & produce from the local Co-Op’. AND all of the money goes to Mads’s top surgery fund! Help the trans community by buying a dozen eggs for a fiver in a queer basement – it makes sense!