Thu 16th Jun 2022

Time: 8:00pm


From those Electro-clash days, performing with the likes of Peaches, and as part of Chicks on Speed, to staging an opera at the V&A, Anat Ben-David and collaborators; poet and counter-tenor Richard Scott and improviser musician and mystic Gem, will perform a diverse utopian night full of passion, energy with powerful words and music, written and performed by the artists.

‘Dr Anat Ben-David’s messes with the semantics of the word ‘album’, reconfiguring the word to take on a truly interdisciplinary meaning. This move is very much reflective of her own broader practice, which stretches from stationary audio, to video installation, to automatic writing, to chancing with human emotion, all at once. Ben-David has got all camps covered. It’s not surprising that she has worked with the likes of Peaches, and as part of Chicks on Speed, the feminist music-cum-fine art manifestation. It seems that second nature, to Anat Ben-David, sounds like Gilles Deleuze in a Pam Hogg jumpsuit. The Quietus (by Ronnie Angel Pope, October 23rd, 2019)

Richard Scott’s Soho draws on the fiercer traditions of queer poetry without ultimately depending on those who have gone before. The result is a debut not bound by allegiance to some generalised category but liberated by joy and clear execution. (Poetry School)


REMINDER: This is a QUEER event in a QUEER venue. Racist, homophobic and transphobic abuse of performers, patrons or staff will NOT be tolerated.