We are a Queer and alternative East End pub, London nightlife spot and performance mecca. Plus we have a cabaret lounge bar and a basement nightclub. The Glory is one of London’s leading gay venues, known for its wild parties, creative clientele and vast eclectic programming of special events and shows.

The Glory is home to a juggernaut of performers, partygoers and local creatives. We play host to a whole carousel of showbizness, clubbing events, screenings, performance art, cabaret, gogos, live music gigs, life drawing, talks, fashion shows – all sorts! Many of East London’s most renowned performers and club kids began their careers here. It’s the place to get seen – and more importantly to SEE STUFF!

The Glory flung open her doors in December 2014 and quickly redefined London’s alternative scene offering a new gay experience and forward-thinking focal point for all, raising the bar quite literally – giving London’s gay scene a bit of a kick.


“At this tidal moment when the London scene is under siege from the stagnant mainstream, cabaret culture is at risk of becoming awash with Americanised Ru Paul wannabes and yet London boasts an ever-expanding marginal community. The Glory is rebooting and re-routing London’s queer scene. We seek to give justice to London’s wealth of talent, undiscovered artists and existing stars alike, presenting a much needed juxtaposition to the dawning yawn of cookie-cutter cabaret. The Glory is nurturing a gender-upending, forward-thinking, debonair-raising counterculture to remember”    Jonny Woo


John Sizzle
Picture: John Sizzle say atop The Glory’s main bar



The Glory is brought to you by four glorious co-owners ZOE ARGIROS, COLIN ROTHBART, JOHN SIZZLE and JONNY WOO

Together our owners have a collective eighty years’ experience of working at the very top of the London gay scene, The Glory is their mothership showcasing the cream of London’s alternative crop. Read more about our owners below. In addition to this The Glory has a large team of loyal staff, most of the bar staff are also pursuing creative paths – and several have gone on to do fab things!



ZOE ARGIROS    is a haus-hold name in the gay industry having played a critical and catalytic role in the late noughties Dalston detonation. She’s been a woman warrior behind the bars of some of the city’s most iconic nightlife brands – Boom Box, Ghetto, Trash Palace, Bugged out, NYC Downlow Radio @Glastonbury and most recently Dalston Superstore. Having held the reins there as bar manager for the last five years (and having literally held a host of drag queens’ reins) The time has come for her to reign over her own venue, The Glory.

“After working in the London gay scene for almost 10 years now, I’ve done my time in clubs but my real passion lies in pub culture. The Glory is a party pub but also an early evening meeting place, a stage, a sophisticated drinking den, cocktails on Mondays and boozy Sundays!”


COLIN ROTHBART is a filmmaker who created the definitive East London alt-scene documentary “Dressed As A Girl“. He is just as at home filming Mary Portas, Warwick Davis or OAPs Behaving Badly as he is the stars of East London. In the late 90s, Colin was a club TV presenter but he is better known on the East London scene for a completely different kind of “series” – his notorious Shed Parties which were a rollercoaster of unofficial, underground East London happenings that rapidly became a Who’s Who of the capital’s alternative culture.


JOHN SIZZLE began drag as a means to smuggle Prosecco into upmarket bars but he’s been busy smuggling high-art alongside it into his high-trash get-up while steadily climbing the drag pile. Today Sizzle stands, when he can, as London’s foremost drag DJ and host. Delivering his unique blend of retro San Fran filth, Sizzle is historically tied to Jonny Woo through the legendary London phenomenon which was Gay Bingo.

“The Glory for me is a new community centre point” says Sizz “I’ve witnessed recently a sort of gay scene mudslide, and not in a good way. In order to remain the powerful minority group that we are we need to redefine the gay alternative scene. The Glory offers a new queer experience that embraces the traditional while also supporting the future”

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JONNY WOO, the fourth and final jewel in The Glory’s crown, has ruled supreme across the roster of rebellious London nightlife ever since he arrived in Shoreditch in the 1990s. An instrumental, monumental and above all fun figure – Jonny Woo, real name Jonathan Wooster, is the elected torchbearer of alternative London’s free thought, cultural expression and right to bear art. With a hurrah-studded CV that is too magnanimous to cherry-pick from, Woo pours all that he has learnt into The Glory.

“We know what we’re doing, we’ve spent twenty years practising, three years trying to find a place, and we’ve got it now, it’s called The Glory, in a place called Haggerston, and now it’s time to do it!”

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