The Glory Film Archive


Cast your eyes and ears back over the apocalyptic live streams brought to you by The Shed and company across the various lockdowns of 2020!

Grans Gone Wild
February 2021

After a long hard lockdown our young at heart OAPs are gagging for some action down London Fields. They’ve arranged for some local strippers to start off the proceedings and get carried away after one too many sherries

Back 2 Skool
April 2021

The school convenes for an Emergency Assembly for the State funeral for Dawn The Prawn and then all hell breaks loose as the Head Mistress can’t keep control of her Naughty Girls with Very Bad Habits!

Olympic Special
March 2021

Forget Tokyo 2020, we’re serving you Hackney 2021! The Shed family don their lycra and stage a gargantuan Olympic battle royale! There’s rhythmic gymnastics, relay racing and even a spot of gymkana.

Gladiator Special
May 2020

The Shed goes to Rome  as Emperor Claudius and Donatella fight to the Death on the light up dancefloor  – spurred on by Caligula Darling. Then the Pope pops in after he’s had one too many sherries and gets his bongos out.. of course!

Carry On Quarantine
January 2021

A Saucy Special celebrating the life of dearly departed Babs Windsor. Special guest appearances from Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and Barbra Streisand as St Dawn The Prawn’s Hospital takes in all comers and Nurse Knockers clothes keep falling orf

Crown and Glory Special
December 2020

Join the Queen and Lady Di Wot Died as they host It’s a Royal Knockout in the Palace. See the Queen climb a phone box and talk to the locals, go hunting with Charles in London Fields and fight it out to become the nations’ Queens of Hearts. Until Camilla turns up and ruins everything!

Cheerleader Bukkake Special
November 2020

Join Meena and Regina as they prepare for an all night battering like only a good cheerleader can. Who’ll get cream pied and who’ll win the Dalston Gymkana?

Fright Night Halloween Special
October 2020

Join Seayonce, Moira Rose and Baby Jane Hudson as they host a Fright Night to remember. Who’ll win Truth or Dare and are there some things that are best left unsaid?

Real Housewives of Hackney: The Reunion
July 2020

What will Papa John make of his wife slagging it around with half of Hackney and will all be forgiven when he’s treated to a performance of Jadeya’s new hit single ‘Glossin Up’ on the pole?

Real Housewives of Hackney
July 2020

 Join Shigella and Cheryl Prosecco-Lambrini as they host a wild party for all their friends. Featuring star turns from Cassandra, Camile Leon, Stella Meltdown, Jadeya and Joseph Wilson

Rave Special
June 2020

It’s all back to 1989 as Yvette and Shelley throw an all night bender in their living room with pills, spills and of course Dawn the Prawn. Who’ll win Big Fish Little Fish and will Sharon Le Grand remember all the words to Rozalla’s hit single ‘Everybody’s Free’?

Ab Fab 2
June 2020

A very aggressive Lulu turns up for some champagne and sings a version of Shout in the back garden. But who will throw the best shapes on the light up dance floor and will Lulu freak everyone out when she gets out her ouija board in the hot tub? Featuring Holestar.

Ab Fab: The Pick Up
June 2020

Join Patsy and Edina as they go for a drive down Broadway Market in these unprecedented times, only to find it annoyingly blocked off, forcing them to chat to the locals.

Lost in Space
May 2020

A space ship crash lands in London Fields and an alien with a West Country accent takes over with his inflatable mother forcing the locals to do unmentionables. Then a Dalek arrives. Who will win the space hopper challenge and the wheelie bin relay race?

VE Day
May 2020

Join the Queen and her naughty sister Margaret as they throw a bash for the Armed Forces. Who will win the lapdancing competition and will the inflatable penises stand up to a right royal battering?

The First Shebang
May 2020

Join Chrissy Darling, Joey and Colin for some Lockdown Lunacy live from The Shed. Highlights include a cinnamon eating competition, Twister and hot tub frolics in the Yacuzzi