Glory play Sex/Crime transfers to Soho Theatre

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Glory play hits Soho Theatre!

Sex/Crime by Alexis Gregory

Tues 21st Jan – Sat 1st Feb


After the show made a big splash here two years ago, controversial queer thriller Sex/Crime – written by and starring Alexis Gregory alongside our very own Jonny Woo – is excitingly opening for a thirteen night run at Soho Theatre, one of London’s leading venues for edgy hit shows, including the original show Fleabag of course starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Already listed as one of London’s best ‘theatre pubs’, Sex/Crime is the latest string to The Glory’s bow of impressive productions that are making a mark on the capital, including of course The Glory’s notorious National Theatre takeover weekend in the summer.

The play Sex/Crime is a darker turn for The Glory hones in on a dungeon master who specialises in recreating gay serial killer scenarios. One day he meets a client who will change his life forever. This modern horror is an action-packed hour-long thriller, but also a black comedy that made audiences laugh and gasp during its first run at The Glory.

Critics loved the show, with The Stage giving Sex/Crime five stars (roughly one in fifty shows that The Stage reviews hits the five star mark) Legendary director Robert Chevara is back in the hot seat getting Alexis and Jonny white hot for the opening night.

It’s not the first time The Glory has put on a dark show. In 2016 The Glory’s play ‘The Tell Tale Heart’ offered a modern adaptation of the Edgar Allan-Poe story, bringing it up-to-date as The Glory’s basement theatre became an immersive crystal meth addict’s flat. Sex/Crime is significant though in that a major theatre has picked up the show, recognising the play’s ability to thrill a more mainstream audience with its one-hour white knuckle ride.

See Sex/Crime next week at Soho Theatre! And look out for special post-show talks following the Saturday performances. Alexis Gregory and Jonny Woo talk about the show in a Pink News interview due out later today.




Wednesday 22nd January: The Decline of a Distant Memory

“Stuck in the midst of space and time, various entities are searching for meaning. There’s a smell of longing in the air and we’re falling through oblivion.

‘The Decline of a Distant Memory’ is a journey engulfed by silence and ache; a story depicting prejudiced perceptions of identity and sexuality; a collage of mutated memories of the past where the stillness of a hot summer’s day is disrupted by images of fruits being shamelessly ravished.

All you’re left with is anticipation.”