We at The Glory are pleased to announce that we have received financial support from Arts Council England and the Government via The Culture Recovery Fund.   

We’d like to share some of this money with our performance community to help them create new work; produce on-line content; collaborate on digital queer programming and to promote their shows via online platforms.

This is our first ‘Glory Artist Support Programme’ (GASP!) and over the coming months we will be requesting submissions from other Glory artists and those new to our network. More details of the funding categories are laid out below.

Please tune into our socials over the coming months for news of the GASP recipients and also some examples of their existing work, projects they are developing and also some entertaining bits and bobs from our community of artists as a whole.


Team Glory x

The Glory Artist Support Programme

1. Glory Artist Development Plan

We are selecting four queer artists from our network who have previously not received significant funding to receive £500 to create new work during the month of November to be presented live at The Glory sometime in the new year.

We are asking our chosen artists to develop new work of about 15 – 30 mins in length, in any chosen medium during the lockdown. We are initially approaching artists with whom we have an on-going relationship and over the last few years, have shown by their own initiative, to be dedicated to the creation of new work and taking risks in their choice of subject matter.

We will ask our artists to document and share their process during the lockdown on their digital platforms, which we will share on ours.

2. Glory Associated Producer Support

We are offering financial support of up to £500 to four of our established variety show producers to help them create ticketed digital content during the current lockdown and beyond. This money will help them support themselves and to offer reasonable fees to artists who contribute work to queer variety show formats.

We are asking these producers to respect our own commitment to diverse programming. We have chosen producers who have an ongoing relationship in producing shows, which offer opportunities to many other queer artists and who have shown experience and skill at producing successful online content.

This online content can be ticketed and the producers will be expected to pay all contributors as fairly as income allows. They will chose their own platforms upon which to share their shows, though we are developing our own which may prove useful. The Glory will also be available to shoot in and we’ll offer access to our SM platforms and offer marketing support. We’d also like the opportunity to archive the ‘show’ once aired.

3. Glory Insta-glam

We are offering fees of £50 to performers to record short numbers or to use existing films from their repertoire to be part of our daily IG Live stories. We are expecting existing shows, so our artists do not need to spend time and money creating new work and they need to be shot on a steady camera phone to be Insta-ready.  We will present these throughout the week at 8pm and direct audiences to their SM platforms and any funding platform they have set up.   

4. Glory DJ Playlists

We are offering fees of £50 to DJ’s who are regularly booked at The Glory to produce Spotify playlists. These can be made up of anything that appeals to them, or even a set of music they’d have selected for sets at the venue.

5. Glory TV

Following on from the success of Glory TV over the initial lockdown, Glory TV will return for an end of November and Xmas special. Glory TV reflects the artistic diversity of The Glory. It is a home-grown digital arts fanzine of original content, artistic conversation, queer erotica and music and fashion. Full details of content for upcoming shows will be released closer to the streaming date.

Supported by the Culture Recovery Fund.