Mon 12th Oct 2020

Time: 7:00pm – 10pm


Hubble bubble who’s got boy trouble?

Come descend into the bowels of The Glory and let the people’s historian BopaRhys take you down the battered path we call the past, and discover some of the greatest witches to ever live.

From hags on brooms, to seductresses on alters, from poisoned apples to cursed jewellery we chat about it all – and discover what your favourite witch means about you.

Featuring songs and jokes BopaRhys presents the most up to date, biting critique of all things Wicca;

Is Harry Potter just a posh nonce?

How did the Halliwell sisters afford to keep their house?

Did the Worst Witch go to state school?


Why Dark Willow is high priestess of my bussy and always will be.

This a show to celebrate the best characters from all your favourite ooky spooky, magic woman tv shows and films.

Grab you familiar, draw your protective bubble and head down for a night of celebration and condemnation.


‘BopaRhys is extremely Welsh, emotional and enraging’ The Stage

‘Frank and funny story-telling, BopaRhys knows how to keep an audience engaged, moving from silliness to incredibly emotional moments’ Voice Mag

‘Camply energetic performer’ The Scotsman

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