Mon 06th Sep 2021

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm



Drag artist, SemiColon, is back again with another Visible show with the iconic East London venue, The Glory. This show is here to challenge and expand your view of drag and cabaret, with an almighty variety lineup featuring the freshest drag artists on the scene.
You can expect to see energetic show stopping performances, camp nonsensical comedy and live vocals.

Doors open at 7pm
Show starts around 7:30pm
Show ends approximately at 10pm

Price: £10 per person online (plus out savvy fee)
On the door: £13 per person
The tickets to this show are sold individually but you will be seated at a table for the show. If you are planning on coming as a group, please purchase your tickets together.

At the Visible show, we want as many people to come and experience the fun as possible, so we operate a NOTAFLOF (not turned away from lack of funds) scheme. Please contact SemiColon at if you want a NOTAFLOF ticket.

Safe space policy

Although anyone if welcome to come and enjoy the show, remember that this show operates as a safe space for LGBTQ+ people. Any hate speech, racism, transphobia, harassment etc will not be tolerated. If you or your group are disrespectful and don’t act appropriately in the space and are asked to leave, no refunds will be given.

If you are unsure on anyone’s pronouns (performers or guests) please just respectfully ask them or use the gender neutral pronouns they/them unless corrected.