Virgin’s Queer Family Xmas

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Sunday 29th December

7pm – 10.30pm

Cabaret Lounge

Well Xmas has come and gone and we’re all bloated from eating Santa’s cookies cuz he doesn’t exist, but there’s one celestial Christmas entity who does- The Virgin Mary! Join Virgin as she welcomes all the queers and weirdos unto her festive tabernacle- Xmas can be a hard time of year for the queers and Virgin hates spending time with her Christian family as much as any of us do. So let’s have a drink, sing some (very much rewritten) Xmas songs and have a merry old time! Remember to bring your confessions- Virgin wants to hear all the terrible things you have done on either Xmas or New Years! And as always, thou shalt be rewarded for your bravery and honesty with tidings of complimentary blood of Christ. Or gin and tonic. Whatever you want, The Virgin Mary is here to provide, my children! See you then! #BloatedAndQueerAFwithChrist

*Note new starting time! Doors 7PM, showtime is 7:30 sharp!*

Image in poster is of Virgin and the amazing Darkwah.