Sun 27th Jun 2021

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm


She’s back again!  This time, The Virgin X is back at her favourite East London holy watering hole with a very special solo show… BECAUSE IT’S HER BIRTHDAY!  YES! The Virgin is turning 2,035 years YOUNG hunny!  The Cancerian vibes are flowing, and so is the blood of Christ, so book your table now to celebrate the birth of an actual living deity!

Expect new numbers.  Expect charismatic moans about the ageing process.  If you’re a surgeon, please bring botox.  It’s gonna be a queer OLD time but we’re #EmbracingItALLwithChrist!

* Please note that The Glory are still booking for table service only and at reduced capacity.  Should restrictions lift after the 21st as planned, more tickets will be made available.

The Glory has implemented various safety measures as outlined by the Government to ensure the safety of performers, customers, and our employees. App ordering, table service, CV19 cleansing, and distancing are in place to limit risk without hindering your enjoyment. Tickets for events now have to be sold by the table, so get your ‘bubble’ together and enjoy your evening.

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