Fri 10th Sep 2021

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm


Have you heard the news?  Does your cup totes overfloweth for this celestial tea?!  The Virgin X is back again for another solo twirl at The Glory!  Yas!  Virgin shall be dishing the #GOSS like no other deity on earth can, and bishhhhh- she’s gonna be laying it on HEAVY this time!


She’s holy, but she’s bothered.  She’s mostly nice, but she can be naughty AF.  She might be the mother of Jesus but this #virgin is full of the wrath of Satan when it comes to those who totes deserve it!!  So on September 10th- let us join together for a grand celestial kiki and #SPILLITwithChrist!  She’s got new numbers, new rants, new exclusives, AND…

SHE’S TAKING CONFESSIONS!!  For those who have been to my shows before, you know what this mess is, and you know mess is fully encouraged here! She wants to know all YOUR sins so send them in for a chance to win… a very (un)holy prize.  #StrutWithMystery

Until September 10th…