Virgin’s Gag Order

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Saturday 15th February

7pm – 9pm

The Glory Bar

It’s Valentine’s weekend and it’s a very difficult time for virgins. Everyone is humping and penetrating all over the place like bunnies and I’m still sat here with my 2000 year old hymen to keep me company. Get the Ben and Jerry’s, hun, it’s gonna be a long weekend. Screw that! I might be a virgin, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun! Join me at my favourite East London (holy) watering hole- The Glory- for an evening of song, slurring, and slurping of cocktails to drown out my bitterness and sexual frustration. It’s gonna be great!

As always, these shows are solo performances and need to start on time cuz she’s the mother of Gawd and she has a lot to say! We will also be playing #Confessions where I want to hear all the naughty and evil things you’ve done on Valentine’s Day! Dig deep kids, mama wants the WORST!

See you there… get ready to be #GaggedWithChrist