Wed 11th Aug 2021

Time: 8:30pm – 10:30pm


You know The Trashettes, you love The Trashettes…. but where did they come from? 


She just got off the bus.

Stepping into the trashy maelstrom of London from her cosy suburban drudgery, wide-eyed ingenue Jezabelle is about to encounter the twisted, wild reality of genderqueerness in the BigCity.

But when the joyful jingle of an ice cream van soon turns sinister, and Jezabelle finds her defiant selfhood is more than the BigCity can handle. As her celebration of community lands her in some hot water with the local bigshot vigilante, will disco-loving Jezabelle ever find the freedom that London promised her? Or is she doomed to a life of assimilationist nonsense…. forever…!!!!!!!!

Insistently catchy original songs, a riotous slamming of the still-not-shutting-up gender-critical movement, and some bizarrely believable characters, Tr*nny Trash Pervert Scum is our gender euphoria made musical theatre, and presented to you with pride and joy.


STARRING!!!!!! :

Jezabelle as Jezabelle!
Dani Dinger as Dani Dinger and everyone else!
Robyn Herfellow as Robyn Trashfellow and everyone else!

And introducing……..
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   YANNIS as surprise role!!!!!!!!!!!


Poster designed by the stunning @i_m_deadboy



Tr*nny Trash Pervert Scum is a playful, joyous, politically rooted, musical take on the current state of things for trans people in the UK right now. The show has been devised and is performed with love and rage by The Trashettes, your favourite trans-femme sisterhood girlband.

The show contains quotes from transphobic haters and themes including misgendering and identity policing. Please get in touch with us if you want to have a chat about any of the show’s content in advance 🙂


DON’T FORGET – Covid safety situation! All here on the Glory website: COVID Safety Measures July 2021 – The Glory


Practise safe trash xxxx

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