Tue 31st May 2022

Time: 7:30pm


It’s a Trashastrophe! It’s a Catrashtrophe! It’s CATASTROTRASH!!!!!! 

You thought you’d thrown the trash out, didn’t you? Ohhh you blunderers, THIS trash ALWAYS crawls back up the drainpipes, back into the cavernous, scaly toilet bowl that is the basement at The Glory, where you’ll be drinking in our fetid juices on…. on…. on a Tuesday….?

Can a Tuesday contain this stench? Is it too soon in the week for this volume of human crapulence, will it simply seep through the drywall and into the water supply??? Is this the contagion in its full aroma????

Well, there will be body stockings, we can tell you that much. And we MIGHT just have a NEW uhmmm…. song… or two for you. Bin bags at the ready, ladz.

Featuring ALSO: Oh wow: Oh gosh: What a line up: 

Everybody’s darling SHARDEAZY AFRODISIAK – “Trash… my relationship to trash as an entity? As a way of life? As physical adjacent when taking the bins out? Or my relationship to the trashettes…???”


Your most unashamed KELL FARSHEA – “Inspired by Pirate Jenny, Quentin Crisp & August Spies – Kell Farshéa has been walking the fine line between trash and trashette for 56 years. Their love is radical, abolitionist and Trashy to its core.”

– @revolutionary.hen

Tornado of dreams, MAGIK (With a K) – “it all started when I did crack in the womb”

– @magikwitha_k

AND you may have noticed that our resident harbinger of the apocalypse, the Queen of Poppies and Wacky Trips, our very dear Deadboy has again rendered a new vision of destruction for your viewing delight!

– @i_m_deadboy

No one knows what will happen when such a disastrous collection of trashastrophes collide in such a small space, but the scientific prediction model follows something like this: 

DOORS at 7:30

ACT ONE: 8pm

Incubation Interval

ACT TWO: 9pm

Carriages: 10pm.

Thoughts? Questions? Rubber gloves? Get in touch dear hearts, we’re always at @thetrashettesldn <3 


The Glory is a queer venue run by queer people, for queer people and their allies. We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny and discrimination of any kind. Be respectful or you will be asked to leave. Strictly no office, hen or stag parties allowed.