Sun 13th Dec 2020

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm


Join Taylor Trash, The UK’s ONLY Southern Belle-End As She Begins The Dig For The Next Nugget Of Drag Performance Talent Gold – NOW ON SUNDAYS!!!
Taylor has turned to her previous contestants to go out and form teams of who they believe stands a good chance at getting into the main competition (coming soon!) and you are invited to attend and watch them battle it out!
At the end of every week the curators of each team will pick which two performers they think were the best on the night and then their hopefuls will go head to head in an audience vote to see which one YOU want to see get through…
Doors: 6pm
Show: 6:30pm
We are selling tables for these events and the ticket types below are set at the available spaces for groups:
Table of 4 people = x3 tables available
Table of 3 people = x1 table available
Table of 2 people = x7 table available
Due to the new legislation announced by the government, we will be operating our event in line with the Glory’s rules that fall in line with government directive. These are:
Tables can only have a maximum of 6 people.
These groups should be made up of only 2 households.
On entry you must sanitise your hands.
When seated you are presented with details of our ordering app and asked to enter your details. (This is now the law and these details are held by the venue for 21 days only).
You don’t need to go to the bar because the venue operates table service via their drinks ordering app.
You shouldn’t mooch about and join other tables.
Everything has been distanced and planned for your safety.
Enjoy yourself whilst we keep the place clean and tidy whilst decked out in sexy PPE.
We need your help! To secure the place of one of the applicants from each heat we will need your help, the audience, to choose who should go through to the main competition. Trash cash dollars will be handed out from the bar for every drink purchase made (1 vote per drink purchased). This does NOT include water (as it is free thanks to the lord).
Audiences will be asked to vote by putting their trash cash in the box of the applicant they want to win. The cash will not be touched for another week (way over the suggested 72hr period), and therefore will be free of any chance of contamination.
Get your tickets now and don’t miss out what is going to be some of the HOTTEST nights in East London drag!
Supported by Culture Recovery fund
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