Sun 20th Jun 2021

Time: 9:00pm – 1:00am


Ms Sharon Le Grand have assembled 3 of my favourite cross dressers for an evening of raucous last minute sit down bollocks!! entertainment!!  Music!!! Debauchery

And slaggin!!!


What better way to spend your Bank holiday than in a dark basement with a couple of slappers ?


Lock up your men !! Get ready to have your senses assaulted with punk rock chic, wag wanna be and all round slapper Ms Stella Meltdown !! As she slams her dirty paws on those dusty Dj decks!! Like she’d slam them on your man!! (if it weren’t for social distancing !!!)


Get Read For East London’s trashiest glamor puss, Ms Barbs is ready to throw herself on the ground and fling her bollocks round and round !! With over 10k followers This slag on the rise is sure to get these dicks twitch-in!!


Also Introducing Ms shigella who by definition is a bacterium that is an intestinal pathogen of humans and other primates, some kinds of which cause dysentery! But she doesn’t let that stop  her!!! This buxom west country beauty is a tart with a heart who can’t wait to show you her big bouncy boobs !!!


And of course me Ms Sharon Le Grand a very Classy woman with the voice of an angle who will be gracefully guiding you through the evening hehe




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Supported by Arts Council England
The Glory has implemented various safety measures as outlined by the Government to ensure the safety of performers, customers, and our employees. App ordering, table service, CV19 cleansing, and distancing are in place to limit risk without hindering your enjoyment. Tickets for events now have to be sold by the table, so get your crew together and enjoy your evening!
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