Sun 02nd Apr 2023

Time: 2:00pm – 4:00pm


Queer Art Club – Queer Easter Bonnet Making

@queerartclublondon Facilitated by @jennyboatdraws 

This is a workshop will be queering Easter – absolutely owning the camp fabulousness of the EASTER BONNET – their will be all kinds of bonnet making fabrics, sparkles, fluffiness, frills and paints – go punk or super femme, bring your masc crown excellence to this fun and playful workshop. Absolutely no bonnet making expertise needed.

This is for people of all abilities and is a space where you can freely explore your creativity and have some fun 🙂

All materials provided.

REMINDER: This is a QUEER event in a QUEER venue. Racist, homophobic and transphobic abuse of performers, patrons or staff will NOT be tolerated.