Mon 27th Sep 2021

Time: 8:00pm – 9:20pm


“I soon realised that it wasn’t about him, about them, it wasn’t about anything outside of myself. It rushed over me, calming and cooling my skin. I am enough.”


Passion Fruit  follows our hero’s journey from boy to man, a story of coming of age in a world that seems to judge him for both his heritage and sexuality. After surviving a violent adolescence our hero finds thrill and acceptance on the black gay scene. However as well as hedonism and a home, the raving scene is a destructive underworld and before long our hero must rescue himself once more. Our hero will teach us that only self-love and self-acceptance can truly save us.

Passion Fruit  will having you rolling in your seat with laughter, bring a tear to your eye and make you question what it means to truly live.


Passion Fruit: a story about growing up gay and British-Jamaican on a north London Estate. A coming of age story following a young gay black man’s journey to self-acceptance while attempting to avoid the criminality, violence and homophobia of his heritage. Passion Fruit is an intersectional story exploring class, race, sexuality, domestic and gang violence in 21st century Britain.


Dior Clarke
– Hayden Mampasi 
– Angeline bell 



Director – Melina Namdar

Writer – Dior Clarke

Created with & Dramaturgy – Stephanie Martin

Artistic Movement Coach – Emma-May Uden

Producer – Dior Clarke, Melina Namdar, Stephanie Martin

Marketing – Claire Cartwright



Clamour is a London based theatre company with a particular interest in previously untold stories. Press for previous productions:

“an irrepressible, swaggering spirit that sweeps you along with it and leaves you glowing”  The Times

“engaging and thought-provoking”  The Stage

Trigger Warnings

We understand that some scenes may cause distress or trigger challenging emotions for some of our audience members.

Includes strong language, themes of domestic abuse and violence, homophobia and sexual references.