non binary cabaret at the glory

Thu 15th Oct 2020

Time: 6:00pm – 10:00pm


Non Binary Cabaret Returns!


We are so excited to be back in our home away from home in the Glory basement!


After last months successful return to The Glory we are very excited to invite you back into our queer corner of London. Non Binary Cabaret, made to celebrate the fact we are always moving, progressing, and transitioning in our lives. If you have felt stuck or lost or at a stand still during the past few months, use Non Binary Cabaret as your reminder that things do and will continue to grow and flourish. We look forward to seeing you all again, air hugs and air kisses.


On our line up Thursday 15th October we have:

Shakona Fire – A Lip syncing, dance moving, story telling drag human.

Beau Jangles – live vocals from a jazz god from the 1940’s.

And special guest, Delatrix, a Non Binary Finary drag artist.


During the evening there will be TWO shows, an early show at 6.30pm and a late show at 8pm.


Both the same show, just at different times due to audience restrictions.

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