Sun 02nd Oct 2022

Time: 7:30pm


All The Fraudulent Horse Girls is a one-act play with surreal monologues, music, and drag for anyone who has ever been a Horse Girl, Train Boy, or weird kid defined by the things that they love.

Trot down The Glory’s iconic basement for Brooklyn Rep’s Australian, queer, equine fever dream, the joyous world premiere of All the Fraudulent Horse Girls by Michael Louis Kennedy Audrey is 11 years old and loves horses so much that she can recite every line of the movie Spirit, she loves horses so much she has a shetland pony asthma puffer, she loves them so much she can telepathically communicate with all the other horse girls in the world. Bullied by the only other horse girls in the school, she sets about proving her worth to her classmates by liberating a police horse, setting off an odyssey through time and space.

Featuring international cabaret stars, Cazeleōn, Freddie Love, Alice Morgan-Richards (AKA Dairy King), and Georgia Stoller and directed by Charles Quittner.


The Glory is a queer venue run by queer people, for queer people and their allies. We operate a zero-tolerance policy towards homophobia, transphobia, racism, misogyny and discrimination of any kind. Be respectful or you will be asked to leave. Strictly no office, hen or stag parties allowed.