Thu 14th Oct 2021

Time: 7:00pm – 10:30pm


The Harem of No One is back yet for another night, this time channeling the ‘GAZİNO’ -not a casino- into the basement of the Glory with an even more fabulous roster than the first one ‘Gazino’ was the name given to the musical entertainment venues mostly in Istanbul, but also in other cities of Turkey, that created the high society entertainment life from 60s all the way through the 90s. They were glamourous, full of drama and neon lights and also places where a relative degree of freedom could be found behind closed doors compared to the more conservative parts of the region. Gazinos had their own aesthetics and etiquette that fused the western and eastern cultures together in a weird pot of glam and they were one of the main inspiration for the local movie industry that gave birth to countless stories of clichés. The Harem will bring those and much more in their own queer way to a Londoner’s Thursday night, a “GAYZİNO”, if you’re into puns as we are.

All of the performers -and then more- from the first night will be there at the shiny stage of the Glory to be transported through time and space: The “Ace Soloist” Queen of this fabulous night is no one other than Cazeleon, the Tuck’ish Delight with a wonderful voice, joined by Martha Barbra, Kitana Vise, Doganalp Dulkadir and Darling Dick for their debut appearance. Expect drama, expect glam, expect fab, expect vibes and expect a hell of a lot of dance and belly movement. Remember, the Harem of No One is a very heated night where anything can happen. If you are unsure, ask those who joined the first of its kind in September. Behind the decks will be once again Hešhek from Tel Aviv and our very own Toby Kind. Again, no holding back!

This will be a night of celebration of our cultural identities as well as our gender and sexual identities in freedom and in safety together. We love you no matter where you are from or who you are or what language you speak; so don’t let the name misguide you, this is a night for all and there will be the right amount of regional clichés for all to enjoy and this is a promise!

There will be surprise offerings appropriate to the evening so make sure you are not missing out on the tables for this special theme.