Sat 22nd May 2021

Time: 7:00pm – 2:00am


The Glory is the place to be if you want that Euro-Trash LOL Fest ‘scream at the screen’ type screening party!!!
Things may be a bit different this year so get your bezzie mates together, choose the floor that suits you, sit back and enjoy a night of campyloo European musicality, cheeky commentary, DJ action PLUS some surprise post-show drag shows ‘til extra late!
Choose from THE EURO BAR hosted by the divine MA BUTCHER & the decadent JOHN ELLEN EWING or go downstairs to the glittering EURO BASEMENT with everyone’s favourite warbling foxtress HOLESTAR!
This year we’re having to abide by social distancing rules so tables are strictly limited and you’ll also need to stay seated (no roaming between continents!) but we’ll ensure top class table service and our screens are pretty BIG so you can goggle the night away and raise a glass to our fabulous European cousins!
Tickets via Outsavvy
Make sure you purchase the right ticket for the right floor and note some tables have restricted views but have been priced accordingly.
The Glory opens at 2pm
Tables reserved from 7pm
Screenings 8pm
Shows & DJ action ‘til 2am
Supported by Arts Council England
The Glory has implemented various safety measures as outlined by the Government to ensure the safety of performers, customers, and our employees. App ordering, table service, CV19 cleansing, and distancing are in place to limit risk without hindering your enjoyment. Tickets for events now have to be sold by the table, so get your crew together and enjoy your evening!
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