Mon 20th Sep 2021

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm


Join us for a very special evening of performance and music, celebrating Adam Zmith’s Deep Sniff: A History of Poppers and Queer Futures.

About this event

You never forget your first sniff. Anyone who’s taken a huff of poppers remembers their first attempts. But few know the astonishing history of those mysterious brown bottles available in newsagents and sex-shops, camouflaged behind the dubious labels of ‘room odouriser’ and ‘VCR cleaner’.

Since their popularisation in the late nineteenth century, poppers have metabolised into the lifeblood of queer culture, and can be spotted across both mainstream and fringe LGBTQ+ literature, film, music, pornography and comics; wafting from Studio 54 and Soho, to our bedside tables.

Deep Sniff is a rich account of a until-now under-acknowledged drug and the lives of those who use it, offering an expansive popular history of desire across time.

Join us at the The Glory, Kingsland Road to celebrate the publication of Deep Sniff by Adam Zmith, with a performance by António Branco and DJ sets from Tash Walker (Get In Her Ears) and Astro Jose.

Attendees must be 18+. For those coming we’d ask: Please do a Lateral Flow Test before coming and *register your negative result with the NHS*