Crayola’s Madhouse: Cray’s Anatomy

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Thursday 23rd January

7pm – 11pm

Cabaret Lounge

Crayola’s Madhouse, one of London’s Best Ongoing Queer Cabarets (QX Cabaret Awards 2019), is back with another overstuffed night of the anything goes, feel-good malarkey that you’ve come to expect from London’s one and only Queen of Colour! And we have SO MUCH to celebrate this month! Obviously it’s the dawn of not just a new year but a new freaking DECADE! Plus it’s also Crayola’s 3rd trip round the sun, as well as the human behind Crayola’s 31st! So prepare to get yourselves birthday-suited and booted for a night of body-ody-ody themed cabaret at The Glory with CRAY’S ANATOMY!

– Rhys’ Pieces (Winner of LIPSYNC1000 2018 and QX Cabaret Awards: Best Variety Act 2019)
-Indy Nile (Winner of The Gold Rush S3)
-Mx. Tzo
-Richard Energy
-Dan Phibian, who will also be joining as Co-Host and taking over the..

Category is… New Year, New You!

Using materials provided, we invite you to transcend the limits of your own body and adopt an entirely new shape/silhouette. Tuck, pad and stuff to your hearts content to achieve the body of your dreams (or nightmares!), then stomp the runway to sell your lewk, and the final two battles it out in a classic LSFYL for some sick prizes!