Princess Julia Loves… Haus of BamBam

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Sunday 16th February

4pm – Midnight

Special Guest: HAUS OF BAMBAM

The Glory Bar

Every Sunday scene star Princess Julia hosts The Glory’s gorgeous, free salon “Princess Julia Loves”. Playing a ‘back at mine’ set, chattering a bit on the mic and inviting a special drag / performer guest each time to give a number or two. Make the most of The Glory’s amazing cocktail menu, catch up with old friends, maybe enjoy a cheeky end-of-week kiss, and say goodbye to another gorgeous East London week in true style.

Afterwards revellers sometimes head on to late night clubs in Dalston (check out Dalston Superstore), or get taxis to Horse Meat Disco down in Vauxhall. Or for the ultimate Sunday night, order a pizza and fall asleep on the sofa.