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Pre-Eurovision Interview: MA BUTCHER!

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On Saturday John Ryan and Ma Butcher host The Glory’s first ever Eurovision party “EUROVISION BOOM BANG A SHEBANG“, which happens to be the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. As you no doubt already know, Ma Butcher is one trio of the Gay Bingo holy trinity alongside The Glory’s co-owners Jonny Woo and John Sizzle, so she has an honorary degree in all things Glory effectively, and she’s no stranger to throwing a Eurovision bash. We caught up with Ma to find out more…


So you’re coming out of semi retirement to host The Glory’s first Eurovision party.

Eurovision is my favourite festival of the year so I couldn’t miss the chance to celebrate the 60th annual soirée with John Ryan at my spiritual home – The Glory…..

How did you first meet John Ryan?

I first met John Ryan and his boyfriend Kevin Ryan – no relation – as they were Gay Bingo super-fans and would come and see us week in week out in the early days. Then we became firm friends over a mutual love of Eurovision and booze.

Before we chat Eurovision, let’s chat ELECTION. We all know Ma Butcher is a raging pig-nosed Tory. Were there celebrations in the sty last week?

I might dress like a Tory wife but my politics are a bit more radical!

So talk us through your look today. A fetching yellow blazer I see. What’s in Ma’s summer wardrobe?

I love a primary coloured shoulder padded bolero for channeling Joan Collins – so versatile – bit like you Jack – and goes with everything from an evening dress through to swimwear and is guarenteed to jazz up any look…!

Last Wednesday we saw you at the Sunday Times Style Dom Perignon party. Any memories?

As usual none whatsoever – apart from Dom doesn’t give you a headache the next day – delish!

Here’s a blurred Dom Perignon party snap we found of you three filtered to the hilt on Instagram…

Ma Butcher and Jonny Woo

Aren’t we gorgeous.

SO.. EUROVISION. LET’S CHAT EUROVISION! If you had to pick one East London scenester to enter Eurovision who would you send and why?

A Man To Pet – Would WOW the public with her trans- continental appeal and winning Eurovision could help the Greek economy – maybe…?

What’s your favourite Eurovision song of all time?

Can’t single out one.  Here are my top 10 that I’ll definitely be playing on Saturday in no particular order… Bucks Fizz – “Making Your Mind Up”, Dana International – “Diva (Julie Shebrew Version)”, Johnny Logan – “Hold Me Now”, Gina G – “Ooh Ah Just A Little Bit”,  Jedward – “Waterline / Lipstick”, Salome – “Viva Cantando” , Bardo – “One Step Further”, Baccara – “Parlez-vous Francais”, ABBA – “Waterloo”, Loreen – “Euphoria”, Scooch – “Flying The Flag” – and of course that east London look a like Conchita…

Have you ever been to Vienna? We hear Holestar’s visited.

No but I hear they do some great tranny workshops..  Anyone for drag?

If you could storm into any London restaurant and hurl a glass of wine at any one person, who would it be?

Anyone from reality TV – Big Brother, TOWIE, Made In Chelsea – I can’t stick their ugly mugs.

When was the last time you followed someone into the toilets in a bar?

Never in my life.

What kind of shower gel to you tend to go for?

I quite like Mint Source – really zingy!

If you could point at a building in London and make it explode, what would you choose?

I really hate all the corporate and curvy post-modern non architecture that is popping up everywhere.  If I had to say one it would have to be the ill-named, banker-filled, Avant Garde Tower on Bethnal Green Road.

We can’t wait for your Eurovision party Ma! Any early guesses over a 2015 winner?

I think Sweden has a good track record with ABBA’s Waterloo and Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ and this years song is rather good, sung by a hot bloke and is the bookies favourite – however no gimmick which is a bit dull.   Also I love the fact that Australia are in it as a wildcard.


The Glory’s first ever Eurovision party with John Ryan and Ma Butcher is COMPLETELY FREE and takes place on Saturday from 5pm. Official Facebook event page. Come and join us for an insane evening stuffed with cultural in-appropriation, prizes for the best dressed (bonus points for attention to detail and avant-garde interpretation) and of course the usual grand sweepstake that could earn you a Euro fortune.

Follow Ma Butcher on Twitter @Ma_Butcher

Words and interview Jack Cullen


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