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Jonny Woo’s Edinburgh Fringe Must-Sees!

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And so Jonny Woo is back with us in his East London stomping ground after an intense ten-night blaze-run at the Edinburgh Fringe with his show TRANSFORMER.

Jonny Woo as Lou Reed

We were delighted to see the show¬†enjoyed a flush of four-star reviews from likes of The Scotsman and The List, and we had great fun following Pretty Miss Cairo’s antics on social media. But which other shows did Jonny see up there?

For anyone still up in Edinburgh or planning on a visit for the final week, we caught-up with our co-owner Jonny Woo and asked him to recommend a few shows in the Amazonian vein of “People who bought Jonny Woo also bought…”



Jonny says: “I took my band to see Diane, I was keen to see her myself after hearing good things. The character and show that she has created is just great – a simmering 80s pop star who once ran a fictional nightclub in Essex called The Flick. My crew were laughing throughout and our guitarist Marc was really impressed by Diane’s band, as we all were. Who knows… a Glory appearance may be afoot. But go and see her Fringe show if you can, the Edinburgh bubble puts a magical spin onto everything and they use their space well. She’s the Duchess!”

Underbelly Potterrow 10.30pm Info


Jonny says: “It’s not a visit to the Edinburgh Fringe without a silly night out at Miss Behave’s Gameshow. Constantly innovative, on-the-ball and funny, we loved her sidekick Harriet (Harry Clayton-Wright) and our very own Pretty Miss Cairo certainly sang for her supper when she got up onstage, stripped and started de-bagging unsuspecting boys all over the shop. There is a bar inside the show but you can’t buy drinks on card so you might want a little wad of cash at the ready before going in – and don’t give all your cash to Amy, she’s a right chip off the old block!

Assembly Checkpoint 10.15pm Info


Penny is one of my all-time favourites. We had a laugh together up in Edinburgh last week, our shows clashed unfortunately but her team member Marina came over to watch Transformer one night and Penny and I made time for a little hook-up in St. Andrews Square. You might have seen her at The Glory over Easter weekend performing with the riotous Pussy Faggot collective. And this is her full solo show packed with wonderful stories accumulated across a lifetime as the Queen of the New York underground.

Belly Dancer 8.50pm Info


Go and take in David’s stand-up show at Voodoo Rooms. He’s a very sardonic comedian and great fun. If you want well-observed acerbic opinions on the media and celebritism then David’s your man. While you’re at the Voodoo Rooms you should also look up Julie-Ann Laidlaw. She’s not strictly an act, but well worth an hour of anyone’s time, and once you’ve met her you’ll be with her all night – if not week!

The Voodoo Rooms 5.15pm Info


She’s a late-nighter is our Jayde! Billed at a quarter to midnight which is usually when she gets out of bed this is the kind of crazy and chaotic mixed revue you’d expect from Jayde. She’s a great comedian with hidden talents, just make sure you clap and laugh in the right places! Kahuzzi was actually developed here in The Glory Hole but took a hiatus. It’ll be back though – Jayde always is! If you’re up in Edinburgh go and take your whole pack along to this. Jayde is very connected and always books wonderful guests that exceed audience expectations.


Saving the best til last. All must indulge in a slice of chocolate cake this Fringe and see this wonderful solo show from operatic drag legend Le Gateau Chocolat. His most personal show yet, taking you on an intimate guided tour of the star’s life, with milestones as varied as Wagner, Whitney and his own numbers such as one about the time that he worked at… actually no.. Just go!

Assembly Hall 4.50pm Info


For those who are yet to see Jonny Woo’s TRANSFORMER, it’s set to hit Soho Theatre from the 15th-19th September, it might be wise to¬†book in advance and take a walk on the wild side! As well as rave reviews some illicit praise has started arriving in The Glory’s inbox.. Shhhh…

Jonny Woo Lou Reed






[written and edited by Jack Cullen]


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