What Made Geri Ginger?

  • Date:2019-09-19
  • Time:19:00
  • Event:What Made Geri Ginger?

Just May, brings you their BRAND new show, ‘What Made Geri Ginger?’.
A show dedicated to Ginger Spice, and one Drag Queen’s life long quest to really find out what made their icon so ICONIC! Giving you the first hand inside into the 90’s icon, Just May has done their research, and now is the time to share it!

Breaking down the aspects of Ginger Spice that made her memorable, from the hair to THAT dress and everything in-between. Just May has dedicated 4 years of her life to becoming Ginger Spice, but will they find out the final pieces to becoming Ginger, or will they discover that maybe, Just May be enough.

Come to The Glory on September 19th to Celebrate a pop legend, a fashion icon, and one of the greatest female performers of our time. Geri Halliwell, this one’s for you.

Just May, the creator of the film, Just May Does Geri, brings you THEIR FULL new show.
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