TROUBLE – Friday Night Party

  • Date:2019-02-01
  • Time:22:00
  • Event:TROUBLE – Friday Night Party
  •  FREE before 10pm

Uh oh, you’re in TROUBLE!
Friday’s come along gonna burst yer bubble…

Listen up, we’re bringing the bitchin drag n’ brawls back to Friday’s at The Glory with 2 floors of cray & spittle to bring on the next armageddon…. it’s gonna be an APOCALIPSTICK baby!

It’s a coalition of chaos as A MAN TO PET & GRACE SHUSH with DJ JAMES TELFORD stage a late night drag mutiny!

This is the cross-dressing hysteria they WON’T show you on telly and that no beauty brand will sponsor. With hazardous drag-show tag-team mayhem in the basement from those cape-crusaders GRACE SHUSH & A MAN TO PET and a banger of a qwerty pop party ’til 2am.

Upstairs Glory regular JAMES TELFORD keeps the night chic and on-fleek with retro disco and jukebox classics…..

NO SPICE GIRLS ALLOWED! Only hard bitten, fabulosity and snag-nailed delusion aloud witchez!!!,

Doors 5pm
Drag action 10pm
Free B4 10pm / £6 after