The ShayShay Show presents The Bay Fray Show

  • Date:2018-08-23
  • Time:20:00
  • Event:The ShayShay Show presents The Bay Fray Show

Bay Fray (noun)
– Best friends, bezzie mates, BFFs
– ShayShay & Reb.L

The “Best Dressed/Most Memorable Duo” are reuniting for one night only. Born on the polluted airwaves pumping craycray boogie beats on their hit radio show CRAYdio, this iconic oceanic pair have traversed the earth performing their work individually. Now, for the first time in years, ShayShay & Reb.L join together in a double act!

Allow these two certified tour guides of life to disorient your senses, and reorient your souls. Prepare for a sensory overload as these patterned party animals sniff out humour in the darkest places. Political, passionate and full of positive vibes, the Bay Fray Show will be a mishmash of movement, memories, and matchy-matchy madness!!!

Reb.L is a loopy chameleon character creator sailing over from South Florida, Southern California, and SoCold Minnesota, USA. Fresh out of University with her Master’s Degree in “Head Thinking,” Reb will get you syncing up with our sinking shores. Her alter-ego, Ecca Echo, is an Ecosexual Pop Star in a complicated relationship with technology and ecology. Earth-loving, ever-shifting Reb.L is a word-twisting ear-worming vocalist, video-artist, and performer. Her gooey green songs will stick in your head!
ShayShay, the loudmouth queen with elastic lips, is here, queer, and shouting in your ear! Defying gender on the daily, this androgenius drag creature will be bringing their unique brand of high energy, hippie-dippie, Californian camp. Get ready to shake things up. It’s ShayShay. Can I get a “Hey Hey ShayShay”? But whatever you do “Don’t Make Me Sing!”

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