Stitch it Like a Queen Double Class : Category is Catsuit

  • Date:2019-11-18
  • Time:19:00
  • Event:Stitch it Like a Queen Double Class : Category is Catsuit

Stitch it Like a Queen sewing classes are back at The Glory for a double masteclass where you will learn to make every performers’ holy grail of a garment: a catsuit!

As this is a beginner/intermediate workshop, it will be split into two classes.
In the first class on the 18th of November you will learn how to adjust the pattern of a catsuit to your measurements, make a test prototype and check the fit, and learn how to choose the fabric for your catsuit.
In the second class on the 25th of November you will cut and make your garment from the pattern you made out of the material of your choice.

You will receive personalised advice on making your catsuit during both classes.

Please bring the following tools: pattern paper (or large sheets of paper that the pattern can be traced onto), scissors, pencil, needles and thread, measuring tape, pins, a sewing machine, ballpoint sewing machine needles for jersey/elastics.

For the 18th November class, please bring 2,5 meters of a stretch fabric for the prototype/fit testing.

For the 25th November class, please bring 3 meters of your fabric of choice for the final catsuit design.

After the classes, stay on for the free show!

Tickets £15 per class on Outsavvy:

About the Classes: Stitch it like a Queen is a series of classes tailored specifically to the needs of drag and burlesque artists and performers. The classes serve as an introductory course where you will learn making stunning outfits for stage performances, editorial photo projects, and other shenanigans. The classes aim to teach practical skills of design and construction to custom measurements, and broader comprehension of design process and translating ideas into garments. Future sessions will include a variety of fun themed masterclasses, such as making kawaii Lolita outfits, power shouldered Dynasty inspired blouses, shift dresses and much more.

About the tutor: Polina Schadauer-Povarich is the Founder of world’s first story based fashion label Polosophia and freelance costume and fashion designer at Brave New by Pol