Lecture: Drag Queens, Aliens & Queer Witches

19.00 – 23.00
Lecture + Special Guests ( more details to follow)
Free entry, donation for charity

Donations will go to help LGBT+ refugees like Geoffrey from Uganda, read more about what is their life like:

lecture on art and magic, 2 hours

The lecture is related to artist Tatu Vuolteenaho’s next art project called Queer Witches. Tatu tells with pictures and video clips about his colourful 30-year history at the heart of the international gay world, especially in techno and house clubs. Pictures have pop stars, sexuality and hedonistic partying, but now, at the age of 50, Tatu asks if there is anything else? Could cultural exploration go even further, or would there be something new that LGBT+ culture needs right now? Could he be a queer witch himself? There is something magical about repetitive rhythms and dance experiences in itself, but could we as a community have even something spiritual to give?

Tatu’s lecture is a whole new concept for himself too, and this time at The Glory will be the premier in English (Finnish premier in Oulu Pride 7.8.). Throughout his life, Tatu has been interested in parapsychology ever since Rauni-Leena Luukanen’s book “There Is No Death” (1982). He has recently studied in spanish about conspiracy theories, UFO stories, philosophy of Mexican Indians, and psychedelic research. He has noticed that there are spiritual healers, tarot readers and even post-doctoral mystics in his circle of friends. In August (just before this event at The Glory), Tatu will DJ at the Queer Spirit Festival in England and will meet many new exciting people and phenomena there. Tatu got his first UFO experience in the 90’s while attending “Light Carrier’s” weekend retreat in Finland. He went there with his friends EJ Doubell (London DJ at FF, Fist & Trade) DJ Pietari (Helsinki DJ at Doom, Pump & La Persé). This year, artist-author Rosa Liksom has made a short film musical about Pietari called Fucking Witch.

Many exciting stories will be heard during the lecture, but not everything should be taken seriously. Humour is also a part of spirituality, unlike Tatu thought when he was little, when it was mainly associated with boring religious songs. Spirituality is now a megatrend anyway – excessive consumerism is not the way to save our planet. Even if gays have been better than heteros in shopping and drinking, this is not the reason we have been born. Femininity has been despised in men, but perhaps it is a blessing and promotes more well-being than toxic masculinity. The world’s most famous drag queen, Ru Paul, is also seen as a spiritual teacher because of her motherly empathy. She started her shows back in 1989 with the words “Everybody say love, LOVE!”. Ru Paul was the first drag queen Tatu was introduced to when he moved to New York at the age of 19.

The lecture is likely to raise more questions than give answers, but hopefully it will bring some expansion in cousciousenss and inner realisations. The lecture will begin and end with a small and easy magical experiment.