Fragapana: The Big Gay Birthday Take Over

  • Date:2018-06-15
  • Time:22:00
  • Event:Fragapana: The Big Gay Birthday Take Over

Introducing FRAGAPANA*: The Big Gay Birthday Takeover at The Glory!

FRAGAPANA is London’s newest and only FULLY QUEER BIRTHDAY themed night brought to you by East London / genetically Irish Queer man-boy XNTHONY!

This is the massive special birthday themed party you always dreamt of, where the whole crowd dances with you whether it’s your birthday or not!

This night is open to all from 10pm! We’re filled to the brim with clowns, drag, live music, bucket loads of helium and general BDAY themed she-nanigans!

If it’s your Birthday (or a friends) you can book your own very special, interactive Birthday party cabaret downstairs at 8pm featuring Xnthony & Mark T Cox playing all the tunes your love to dance to with drinking games, pass the parcel, balloons, jelly & ice-cream. This is your special birthday party, brought to you, just for you.

From 10pm and across the two floors of madness we have loads of performers, music and dancing…including…

A Man To Pet!
Mark T Cox!
Margo Marshall!

Music and grooves from:


*The word FRAGAPANA will be explained on the night. But if you can’t wait there is google…