Eurovision 2019 Two-floor Screening Party

East London’s best Eurovision pub night – as mentioned live by Graham Norton once!

It’s GAY CHRISTMAS. Yup this is officially the most important date on the GAY calendar!!!! And some parts of the LGBTQI+ one too, but mainly gay! lol.

It’s EUROVISION time once again and The Glory is putting on its legendary annual 2-floor screening party!

Yup, will Michael Rice bring home the trophy for The UK? Unlikely, but we’ll cheer as loudly as possible. The Netherlands are the fave to win, Woo’s fave is Italy, and we’ll all go nuts for Iceland. Sergey looks cute for Russia and Norway is bringing a classic Eurovision banger. Need I go on????

Ma Butcher and John Ryan hold the fort upstairs in the bar, throwing some seriously dodgy Eurovision looks whilst Holestar titillates in the basement with serious Eurovision fans. Jacqui Potato will be playing some tunes too…hurrah!

It’s £10 FREE 7PM and you get 2-floors of screenings and live Eurovision acts later in the night for your money and dance ’til 3am!!!

What a LOL! Fuck Brexit! Most of Europe couldn’t give a toss about it anyway. lets get European and pretend Australia and Israel are part of Europe too. Its the biggest party of the year. DON’T MISS IT!

Doors 5pm
Free B4 7pm / £10 after
Seated in basement
Standing upstairs
No reservations or advance tickets