Drag King Summer School – Showcase

  • Date:2019-09-12
  • Time:20:00
  • Event:Drag King Summer School – Showcase


Zayn Phallic, the drag king with the heart and (the hard on) of gold presents: The Drag King Summer School 2019 SHOWCASE!

On 12th September at The Glory, the graduating class of the very first Drag King Summer School will make their king-tastic debut! All summer these performers have been on a crash course in kinging under the mentorship and direction of one of the UK’s most influential drag kings, Zayn Phallic.

This promises to be a unique night of creativity and community as this new generation of kings manspread their way onto the stage, and into your heart.

With performances from the 2019 graduating class and your host for the evening, Zayn Phallic, this show is not to be missed!

Advance tickets are available on Outsavvy.


Advance £5

OTD £7


Unfortunately The Glory is not wheelchair accessible. The show will take place in the downstairs performance space down approximately 12 steps in a corridor with low visibility. There is adequate seating in the performance space. Toilets are located on the ground floor up a further 3-4 steps.

If you have further queries about access at The Glory, you can get in touch here: