Deadly Prey – Free Screening!

  • Date:2018-08-25
  • Time:19:30
  • Event:Deadly Prey – Free Screening!
  •  FREE

Dominion of Scum presents a FREE screening of the unsung 80’s action anti-classic, Deadly Prey!

The good people of LA are being kidnapped from their suburban streets in order to be hunted and killed by a sadistic army of mercenaries as part of an extreme training regime. Unfortunately for these soldiers of fortune, they abduct Mike Danton – former marine and ruthless killer. Armed with only a luxurious mullet, a tight oiled body, and an extremely skimpy pair of cut-off denim shorts, our hero must fight for his life against the most incompetent army ever burned onto VHS. Expect ‘impressive’ special effects, endless grunting, unnecessary kung-fu moves, scenery chewing performances, and some truly odd uniform choices in this unintentionally homoerotic romp from the director of Killer Workout! Be sure to stay around for the rousing power ballad that plays of the credits to be truly inspired.

Doors: 5pm
Film: 7:30pm prompt